The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global education landscape.  Online instruction has become a dominant learning and teaching format, which has been leading to the worldwide emergence of eLearning.

In response to the needs of education sector in regard to eLearning development and implementation, advanced learning and teaching resources and high-quality educational practices for the new normal of education have been brought to the spotlight.  Students are required to build up a character of interdependence, discipline and responsibility.

Given the new opportunities with the online mode, reshaping learning and teaching perspectives and practices should deliberate on why, who, what and how of education.  This webinar will serve as a platform for students and educators to present and share their experience in the new normal.  With the support of the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) in the United Kingdom, her chair and students will exchange views on education in the new normal with the locals.  Further, you will help students and staff feel secure and supported, and expand the diversity of provision to meet their needs.